About me

I am currently a PhD candiate in the Computational Science Lab at the University of Amsterdam. I am working on multiscale modelling for cell-based blood flow simulations and high performance multiscale computing. This work will contribute to a multiscale model of the Virtual Artery for arterial physiology and pathologies.

I completed my Master's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the AstroMundus Master programme. My research concerned the formation of stars from collisions between molecular clouds using smoothed particle hydrodynamic simulations. I work with the ForDys Group in the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Padova.

I received my bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Utah. There I studied the lensing effect from mass of the Milky Way on observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (paper) with Professor Benjamin Bromley. I also searched for minor merging events with the Milky Way by performing stellar orbit determinations with Professor Inese Ivans.

I grew up at the foot of the Wasatch mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I learned to love and respect the outdoors. I strive to keep my mind and heart open to all walks of life.